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Popularity is an important factor when the business is rooted in the sales of designer brand products. The demand for fashion brand watches is very high nowadays. is one of the leading suppliers of wholesale designer watches in the market.

We have over 10 years of experience in providing a wholesale solution in the designer watches market. With joined forces of numerous trustworthy sources around the world, we are able to provide high-quality goods. Our designer watches wholesale inventory is gathered from various factories and clearance deals worldwide. Every item comes in the original packaging with a user manual. Likewise, you may order additional boxes, gift bags, etc.

Our designer watches wholesale catalog consists only of popular brand watches – mainly from Fossil Group. The best-selling brands are Emporio Armani, Michael Kors and Hugo Boss. However, you will find nine more beloved and world-renowned labels in our wholesale inventory:

Wholesale Designer Watches

Qualified Client Service

We have had a lot of time to perfect our service. As you are well aware, a good relationship between a wholesaler and retailer is very important. That is because the success of each business lies in mutual benefits. At, we live by a simple motto: You win, we win!

We are capable of solving a number of situations daily that may occur during the delivery process, import, etc. We do it quickly and efficiently, furthermore, we are transparent with our clients as much as possible. Individual approach, openness, communication, and accountability are our core values. For any questions, feel free to contact us.

Whether you own a start-up, a small retail store or you have an account at a global marketplace, you can rest assured that we hold a vast inventory of designer watches at the best wholesale prices.

Reliable Designer Watch Wholesale Experts

If you pay any attention to trends and the current fashion market, you most likely already know that designer brand products tend to be quite costly. We offer the best obtainable value for authentic items. Our base prices are very competitive, if not cheap to begin with. But our B2B clients are rewarded with additional designer watches wholesale discounts*:

    • Orders above 1 800 EUR receive a 20% discount.
    • Orders above 3 700 EUR receive a 25% discount.
    • Orders above 7 500 EUR receive a 30% discount.
    • Orders above 16 000 EUR: contact us.

*The order value in USD and GBP is dependent on the current exchange rate.

When giving discounts, we consider a single order value as well as the monthly turnover. Generally, this allows our clients to successfully compete with other designer watch sellers as well as reap higher profits.

What’s more, from time to time our clients are treated with special promotions and advantageous sales deals. The best way to stay up to date with any company-related news, updates and exclusives is to subscribe to our wholesale designer watches Newsletter.

High-quality Designer Watch Wholesale Supplier

When it comes to the brands we carry, their names speak for themselves. A designer timepiece is a statement-making fashion accessory. However, recognition and style alone do not guarantee reliability and longevity in the market. The key ingredient to customer loyalty is also quality. This is why designer watches cost more to produce. Nevertheless, we have managed to receive and provide the best wholesale branded watches deals.

The wholesale designer watches inventory available on our platform is filled with watches that are made using high-quality materials. For example, high-grade metals, glass and plastics as well as ceramics, mineral crystals, mineral crystalline alloys, etc.

Watch cases are made of stainless steel, metal, copper and different alloys. Case glass is often made of sapphire crystals in various shapes, like flat, domed, or concave. Sapphire crystals are scratch and impact resistant.

Watch straps are most frequently made of real leather, nylon, silicone or rubber. Watch bracelets mostly are made from stainless steel, but other metal alloys can be found as well. Metal mesh straps are a popular choice giving a wristwatch a classic feel.

Additionally, a designer watch can be put together using Swiss or Japanese movements. The most popular is the battery-powered quartz movement, which is considered to be the most precise and requires the least maintenance. However, we also carry models with automatic and semi-automatic movements which are also popular in certain circles.

Read more about watch movements.

Most brand watches have at least three hands to show hours, minutes, and seconds (e.g. the Hugo Boss no. 1513484). Some very minimalistic face designs have only two hands (e.g. the dainty Marc by Marc Jacobs no. MBM1342). And various types of watch dials can be found, like:

  • skeleton (e.g. the Emporio Armani no. AR60031);
  • crosshair (e.g. the Calvin Klein no. K7B23626);
  • sector (e.g. the Fossil no. ES3708);
  • guilloche (e.g. the Tommy Hilfiger no. 1791610);
  • tapisserie (e.g. the Tommy Hilfiger no. 1791615);
  • teaked (e.g. the Guess no. W0500G1), etc.

Most designer watches have analog displays with either Arabic or Roman numerals. Some models have a digital display (e.g. the Calvin Klein no. K8P231Q4). Read more on watch dials.

Profitable Wholesale Designer Watches Deals at

We’re a global company. On a monthly basis, we ship wholesale quantities of popular brand watches worldwide.

Our company is registered in the EU and our headquarters are located in Latvia. The goods are stored safely in warehouses in Hong Kong. We also have a warehouse in the United Kingdom for freight forwarding purposes. And we collaborate with various other freight forwarders to ensure faster customs clearance processes.

Transportation of the wholesale designer watches is mostly handled by popular couriers. However, we are open to finding other suitable shipping options by evaluating each situation individually.

As a wholesale distributors of designer watches, we have many B2B clients that give us valuable feedback. Needless to say, we are innovation and growth-oriented. We are looking to open more warehouses and intending to expand our operations in different regions, including the USA, UK, and Europe.

To review our current designer watches wholesale stock, please Create an Account and visit our Shop page. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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